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Lipolar Balans K2

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lipolar-balans-k2-health-care-nutrivision * Makes Your Heart, Brain, Skin and Joints Healthier!

* The Scandinavian Solution to Perfect Health

* The World’s First Complete Fatty Acid Supplement

* Providing a Natural and Balances Nutrient Intake

The public interest in the benefits provided by omega-3 acids has grown considerable during the past years. Backed by rigorous and compelling scientific evidence, the American Heart Association (AHA), governmental health bodies and scientists around the world are urging people to consume more omega-3 rich fish or fish oil.

With this focus on fish oil, it needs to be emphasised that the body also requires other fatty acids for optimal fitness and health. An unbalanced intake from one source only, can induce deficiencies of other fatty acids within our bodies, and even cause a deteriorated immune system. Furthermore, for optimal health, our body requires much more than a perfect fatty acid blend. Other important nutrients are antioxidants like vitamin E and C. To improve bone strength and prevent chronic diseases vitamin D is needed. This “sun shine” vitamin increases the amount of calcium in our bodies and has many non-bone health promoting effects as well. However, for a strong and healthy bone, we also need plenty of vitamin K (a.k.a. the “forgotten vitamin”) to make calcium attach to the bone tissue and make it stronger. Vitamin K, and especially vitamin K2, is also necessary to prevent coronary calcification, a risk factor for heart disease.

With these facts in mind, NutriVision Research & Development Sweden Inc. developed the perfect fatty acid blend with pure raw materials from marine, vegetable and botanical origin, strengthened with effective daily doses of vitamin E, D and K. Some key features of LIPOLAR BALANS K2:

- The product formula is developed by prominent Swedish scientists and doctors.

- The raw materials are thoroughly chosen to contain no contaminants, making LIPOLAR BALANS K2 one of the purest and finest fatty acid product on the world market today.

 - The oils are gently processed and bottled/capsulated in Norway – the leading nation in this field – to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

- Since the healthy polyunsaturated easily goes rancid, a high dose of natural vitamin E was added, along with vitamin C, which works in synergy with vitamin E in protecting and preserving the fatty acids. Rosemary adds further protection.

- Vitamin D and K were added in the form of natural cholecalciferol and menaquinon-7 from Natto K2TM, respectively. The Norwegian Natto K2TM brand is undoubtedly the superior form of vitamin K with benefits beyond vitamin K1 and synthetic vitamin K2.

- Due to its extreme pureness and freshness, and lack of solvents, LIPOLAR BALANS K2 has a very mild flavour.

During the development of Lipolar Balans K2 five key issues were considered

1. Should the main component be fish or flax oil?

2. Does a blend of different fatty acids offer advantages?

3. How is the purest product created?

4. How is the most stable product created?

5. What compounds work together with fatty acids to provide the optimal protection against heart disease and osteoporosis?

Should the main component be fish or flax oil?

Marketers of linseed or flaxseed oil claim that up to 13 % of its alpha-linolenic acid content can be converted to the health bringing fatty acids EPA and DHA, while proponents of fish oil (which already contain pre-formed EPA and DHA) claim that less than 1% is converted. The truth seems to be around 4-5%, but these figures only cover healthy people. The Western diet and life style decreases the body’s ability to carry out this fundamental conversion. Another disturbing fact is that large-scale studies have concluded that a high intake of alfa-linolenic acid increases the risk of prostate cancer up to 400% (1).

Although fish oil is a considerable more expensive raw material there's thus no doubt that it is superior to flax. Marine fish oil is therefore the main component in LIPOLAR BALANS K2.

Does a blend of different fatty acids offer advantages?

An unbalanced intake of fatty acids may lead to deficiencies of other fatty acids. A perfect fatty acid product should therefore contain several types of fatty acid in the right proportions. A main feature of certain polyunsaturated fatty acid (EPA, dihomo-GLA and arachidonic acid) is their ability to create prostaglandins, which can be either “good” and “bad”. EPA and GLA create the good healthy ones.

However, to obtain the perfect mix of prostaglandins both GLA and EPA must be available. Arachidonic acid, in contrast, creates ”bad” prostaglandins leading to inflammation and blood clotting. The perfect fatty acid blend should therefore contain a minimal amount arachidonic acid, and counteract the production arachidonic acid. In Lipolar Balans K2 this counteraction is done by EPA.

LIPOLAR BALANS K2 contains the optimal blend of fish oil and GLA-rich Evening primrose oil, with very little pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid.

How is the purest product created?

A concern about fish, and thus fish oils, is its content of pollutants (dioxins, PCB´s and heavy metals). In contrast to fish, fish oils can be cleansed chemically. However, to use pure raw material to start with is the best solution. We found the cleanest fish in the South Pacific Ocean. To further improve the oil, we turned to a Norwegian team who are experts in gently refining fish oils. They increased the content of EPA and DHA in our oil to 18 and 12%, respectively. By using chemicals, the concentration can be further increased. However, we refuse to do this, since it destroys the natural antioxidant systems and demands the use of chemicals.

We are convinced that fish oil should be kept as pure and natural as possible. We put a lot of effort in creating a pure and toxin free fish oil for LIPOLAR BALANS K2.

How is the most stable product created?

By not using heat and oxygen sensitive flax oil or high concentrated fish oil, we have created a stable product with exceptionally long shelf life. We have added natural vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) and vitamin C, which works in concert with vitamin E to keep the oils fresh. By adding rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L) in the right concentration, we further increased the shelf-life of our fish oil product.

LIPOLAR BALANS K2 is an exceptionally stable fish oil product with a long shelf- life.

What compounds work together with fatty acids to provide the optimal protection against heart disease and osteoporosis?

A high intake of vitamin D increases the amount of calcium in the body. However, in regard to osteoporoses clinical trials with supplemental vitamin D have not been very successful. Recently it has been discovered that vitamin K is a very important factor in calcium and bone metabolism, but also in other regards.

For instance, in the large Rotterdam study, those with the highest vitamin K2 intake had 50 percent fewer heart attacks, 50 percent fewer cerebrovascular related deaths and 25 percent fewer deaths overall. The most bioavailable form of K2 is called Natto K2TM, which is a Norwegian proprietary extract of the fermented soy cheese natto. Due to its high content of menaquinone-7 (MK-7) it inhibits calcifications of soft tissue such as arteries, testes and kidneys. Thus it promotes bone strength and general health at the same time.

Although Natto K2TM is a very expensive ingredient, we realize that is necessary to include it in a complete fatty acid product, especially since the daily recommended intake of vitamin D also is included. Together, these vitamins make LIPOLAR BALANS K2 truly stand out from every other product in this segment.



1) De Stefani E et al. Alpha-linolenic acid and risk of prostate cancer: a case-control study in Uruguay. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2000 Mar;9(3):335-8

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