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ProTargo is a protein powder product that will change the protein market forever. It is being hailed as the leader of the next generation protein supplements due to its advanced composition.protargo-nutrivision-sports-nutrition-performance

Unique features of ProTargo:

RAID and GAIS systems which have been developed and scientifically tested by NutriVision Research & Development.

The RAID system (Rapid Absorption – Improved Duration) stimulates muscle anabolism and fights against muscle breakdown 24-hr/day.

The GAIS system (Gastric and Intestinal Support) dramatically improves the function and efficiency of the entire gastro-intestinal tract. This translates into a less frequent or even zero occurrence of distended abdomen, which is so often a result of high-protein intake.

How does the RAID-system work?

First and foremost, NutriVision uses only the finest ingredients available. The main ingredient is ProForma-X3™, a specialty synergistic protein blend containing a whey concentrate and calcium caseinate isolate (do not confuse with cheaper caseins). ProForma-X3™ contains 57.4% whey and 42.6% calcium caseinate isolate. Some of the whey fraction is hydrolyzed with gentle methods, and the blend is instantized in a two step cold process in order to keep the proteins in their native effective form. Calcium caseinate isolate is refined through a similar process. The result is a very fine high-quality protein that not only tastes better, but also contains minimal fat and lactose and therefore is easier for the body to assimilate.

Vitargo™, a patented hi-tech starch especially developed for elite athletes, is included to stimulate muscle anabolism even further. MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) contain special fatty acids that can inhibit the process where amino acids are converted into simple blood sugar. Xylitol is included due to its ability to increase muscle anabolism.

How does the GAIS-system work?

Constipation and a distended abdomen not only produce a bloated appearance around the waistline, it also decreases the absorption of amino acids and peptides. In ProTargo, the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus Sporogenes (Lactospore®) is included in order to eliminate these types of complications. This amazing bacterium triggers the production of enzymes necessary for protein breakdown and absorption. Furthermore, Lactospore® can increase the amount of B-vitamins and reduce theamount of harmful ammonia in the digestive tract and in turn, the whole body. Xylitol counteracts constipation and Vitargo decreases the osmolality (“concentration of particles”) of the product, ensuring that the protein in ProTargo will pass throguh the stomach smoothly and get absorbed efficiently

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