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Therm-X Energy

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thermx-nutrivision-sports-nutrition-performance 24-Hour Fat Burning

The Scandinavian Breakthrough in Fat-Loss Technology

There are numerous products available that are designed to increase boost metabolism, and increase energy expenditure and fat burning. Some of these products work quite well, but only in terms of giving a rapid energy boost. Unfortunately, they don't increase the fat burning capacity over a longer period of time.

Sometimes the ingredients interact negatively, have serious adverse effects, or one or more ingredients are banned agents. Another major problem is that they often cause a blood sugar crash 1-2 hours after ingestion, thus increasing the appetite for sugar rich foods. Some notable adverse effects are tremors, heart palpitations, insomnia and even anxiety. Due to disturbed sleep, the products cannot be used during the evening or night, hence they will not work 24 hours. Maybe it is during the night hours your body needs the most help to burn fat. Other concerns with these improperly formulated fat burners is rapid weight gain experienced by many users after a cycle, and the fact that the fat burning effects gradually decrease after a few days use.

NutriVision's goal when developing the Therm-X Formula was to overcome the problems characteristic of typical fat loss fat loss products, and at the same time make a more effective natural product, that works all around the clock!

First of all, NutriVision’s researchers concluded that the rapid energy boost, or “kick”, that many products induce, does not equal long-term increased fat burning. Since the are several limiting steps in the fat loss process, Therm-X was designed to target several mechanisms, such as suppressing fat up-take from the gut, reducing hunger and increasing metabolism and energy levels throughout the day.

Fat burning (also known by its scientific term fat oxidation) is governed by many different factors. The main process is often a stimulation of enzymatic systems by various hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline. Caffeine and ephedrine release these hormones, which are then triggering a response with increased metabolism. Unfortunately, due to the adverse effects (e.g. increased blood pressure and heart rate), this is not a tenable solution for long-term fat loss. Adrenaline and noradrenaline also eventually lead to insulin resistance, and this one of the mechanism behind the infamous yo-yo-dieting phenomenon, when the dieter goes into cycles of fat loss followed by a rebound of fat gain.

Also, if a fat loss product contains too much caffeine (or ephedrine), the other and more sophisticated ingredients do not reach their optimal performance. A daily serving of Therm-X Day & Night contains less than 20 mg of caffeine, allowing the other ingredients to perform optimally. These compounds include EGCG, piperine, forskolin, cinnamon extract, guggulsteron, capsaicins, gingerols, quercetin, reservatrol, rheosmin and lipoic acid. These substances activate all the important fat burning enzymatic systems without putting too much stress on the body. This means that higher doses can be used, and the fat burning effect is long lasting.

Therm-X also allows you to gain muscle while losing fat! In a recent clinical study, the forskolin group was administered the same dose of forskolin you find in Therm-X. They lost 4.7 kg of fat and gained 3.7 kg in fat-free mass in 12 weeks, while not much happened in the placebo group (1). During the day hours most of the fat burning takes place in your muscle tissue, while during the night the liver is the most important organ for fat oxidation. This is a notable, albeit forgotten fact to keep in mind when developing an exceptionally effective fat loss product.

A different biochemical approach is needed to enhance fat burning during the night when your muscles do inactive and burn little fat. This is done by using substances in the night-formula capsule that activate the so called adenosine monophosphate kinase system (AMPK). Recent research has shown that natural substances such as resveratrol (from grapes) and lipoic acid are effective stimulators of the AMPK-system (2-3). This is the same system that you stimulate by doing exercise, and explains why exercise improves fat loss and health. Furthermore, two other key ingredients have been added. Calcium and phosphate are included due to the fact that recent research has shown them to be important for both fat loss and for enhancing energy expenditure (4-11).

Therm-X is not only effective for unparalleled fat loss, but also for an increased performance in endurance athletes. This is because fat is the primary energy source during endurance based activities, and because Therm-X increases the release of large amounts of fatty acids from body fat stores and channels the liberated fat for use as an energy source in the working muscles.



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