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Endurance enhancervirilazer-nutrivision-sports-nutrition-performance

TransDuranceTM is a State-of-the-Art product consisting of basically every legal and scientifically proven substance for enhancing physical performance at high and low intensity. Endurance performance is limited by maximal oxygen uptake, lactate threshold and fuel availability.
TransDuranceTM is designed to overcome these limitations. Supplementation with beta-Alanine [1,2], Citrulline Malate [3], as well as Betaine [4] and Nitrates [5] are effective at improving high-intensity performance. Aerobic performance, on the other hand, is improved by supplemental Magnesium [6], L-Leucine [7] and Citrulline Malate [8]. L-Cysteine may increase the level of EPO by 160%, leading to improved oxygen delivery [9]. Magnesium is effective in alleviating muscle cramps in athletes, and L-Leucine decreases central fatigue [10], and improves recovery after exercise [10].
The finest German Creatine Monohydrate CREAPURE® is added at a low dose, to minimize the risk of deficiency during hard training. Unlike other products which contain free amino acids TransDuranceTM tastes excellent because of an advanced Taste Improvement System (TIS).
Recommended Use:
TransDuranceTM consists of a powder which is mixed carefully with water before drinking.
1. Thirty minutes before each training session/competition one serving (15 grams) is taken, preferably in a fasted state. After exercise, a shake with a proper amount of high-quality carbohydrates and protein is used, e.g. 50 grams ProTargo
2. In additionm one extra serving can be used right after exercise. In this case the shake should be consumed 45 minutes later.
During periods of heavy training additional servings can be used throughout the day. The maximum daily dose of TransDuranceTM is 4 servings (60 g). TransDuranceTM is preferable taken in periods of 3-4 weeks, with periods of 1-2 weeks with no administration. TransDuranceTM has no dangerous side effects.
However, some individuals may feel an irritation of the skin and prickly sensation about 20-60 minutes after consumption. This phenomenon subsides with continuing usage of TransDuranceTM and can be avoided if the dosage is slowly increased. Individuals with clearly impaired renal function should avoid using the product, unless supervised by a health care professional.TransDuranceTM should not be used by children, pregnant or nursing women.
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